Bustop Tv

See to Say

The ‘See to Say’ project promotes the right to freedom of expression, education, accountability, transparency, and democratic values and ideas. Zimbabwe has been experiencing a new government management since the November 2017 ‘coup’. Bustop Tv believes that these new developments need to be monitored and that all issues should be made clear to the public. It contends that this is the only way that people are able to participate effectively in Zimbabwe’s dialogue and development. ‘See to Say’ seeks to educate and encourage citizens to fully take part in civic processes, while challenging mainstream media to report on the agenda set by the people. The project will cover activities such as reporting on events that occur in 2018 whilst they are happening. It thereby aims to promote democratic values and ideas in Zimbabwe while also providing citizens with alternative viewpoints. To provide social and political commentary, Bustop Tv will create five satire-laden skits dealing with the rights of individuals and minorities to promote civic education and freedom of information. The project will enable coverage of various issues affecting Zimbabwean citizens in remote and rural areas, as well as minorities. Posting the skits on the Bustop Tv online platform initiates a dialogue with viewers and encourages participation around 2018 news dispensation and policy implementation. The project’s creators also intend to carry out street interviews, speaking to the public and official sources whenever necessary.

Bustop Tv is a media house established in 2014 and currently based in Harare. Widely known for the satirical skits its members produce, Bustop Tv provides a critical commentary on important political and social matters affecting Zimbabwean society. Making use of humour as a method of addressing these ongoing issues, Bustop Tv produces weekly newscasts as part of the advocacy goals it has set. The organisation aims to give people the awareness to make better-informed decisions and to offer a platform for Zimbabwean citizens to freely discuss their concerns and voice alternative viewpoints.