Arab Media Lab

MAM #2 Media Art & Film Workshops and Master Classes Series

MAM #2 (Media Art Morocco), the Arab Media Lab’s training and educational activities platform, will organise a series of workshops and masterclasses on media arts culture (including alternative and experimental film, video art, digital mapping, net art and other hybrid forms) and the ability to use media art tools to create interesting and experimental works at lower costs. In addition, the symposium will focus on how media art informs and evolves the visual language in artistic expression and personal transformation. Aspiring media artists with professional mentors can join MAM to learn new ways of experimenting, developing stories, and using digital tools and post-production techniques. The programme’s various activities aim not only to provide training for young artists, but also to broaden their perspectives and approaches to the creative process. An international exchange is facilitated between Moroccan, international and Arab artists while they take part in interdisciplinary collaborations. The works produced during the workshops will be shown in special screenings towards the end of the workshop cycles and during the Digital Marrakech festival. In addition, an online platform will be launched to act as a portfolio for the artists and create a networking space for these emerging creatives.

The Arab Media Lab is a media art collective based in Morocco. It aims to strengthen the Media Art sector in Morocco and the Arab world through the organisation of a diverse range of projects. Its focus lies on the development of new media arts in the region and on stimulating artistic exchange between North and South in all fields of media art – from digital video and digital cinema through to video installations and interactive art. The Lab’s vision is to create a platform where media art creation constitutes an integral and visible part of artistic life. Endeavouring to stimulate the contribution that art makes to the mobility of people, the Arab Media Lab encourages artists to act, create and participate towards creativity and production.