Afro Tokyo


Afro Tokyo will produce a 3D animated short film that addresses the issues faced by people in African society who have the rare skin conditions albinism and vitiligo. The film will follow the story of Tsitsi, a Zimbabwean girl born with vitiligo. The plot follows her journey through life, fighting her way through social and cultural challenges and injustices. She will uncover the hidden mysteries of African mythology, culture and belief systems that stigmatise people with skin conditions like her own. Afro Tokyo thereby hopes to contribute to the destigmatisation of vitiligo and albinism, presenting the audience with a character who can increase the self-esteem of people who have these skin conditions. In addition, the short film will showcase the power of African storytelling and folklore to an international audience. The film will be distributed free of charge across various media houses, television stations, schools and social media platforms to ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience.

Afro Tokyo is a Creative Network Company based in Zimbabwe that seeks to provide high-quality new media solutions in entertainment, education and business commercials.