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To improve the quality of journalism in Kenya and contribute to a responsive, representative and accountable government through citizen engagement.




Devolved government is now a reality in Kenya, with 47 county governments and the national government. There is a need to build the capacity of journalists at county levels to tell stories that would help citizens hold their county (and national) leaders to account. Strengthening media can be a way to push for societal change through increased citizen engagement. Ordinary citizens can drive and shape their own development and political system if they are exposed to factual information and ideas for change, and have access to practical tools.


KMP focuses particularly on improving the professionalism and effectiveness of public interest and investigative or quality journalism. Financial resources are made available for selected media-related institutions, development organizations, training institutes, policy and research initiatives, media houses and journalists.

Period and budget

2016-2020, € 6 million


Local media organizations