Police attacks on journalists #16Days16Voices

December 1, 2017

Day 7:

Journalism entails venturing into dangerous situations to obtain the story. Many journalists risk their lives to cover issues that most would shy away from. In most countries like Zimbabwe, journalism schools have equal representation of women and men, however this does not translate to women in the media houses. This is due mainly to the abusive environment they find themselves in when they attempt to practice.

Female journalists not only face sexual harassment in the workplace but also in the field. When they find themselves in such compromising situations very few report these incidences in an attempt to maintain a ‘clean’ reputation and not be delegated to the unpopular tasks in the media house. Issues of abuse at the hands of police has also seen an increase especially during election time and at gatherings that the state deems illegal or unsanctioned.

Angela Jimu a Zimbabwean journalist shares her experiences;