Open Up Contracting at OGP Global Summit 2018

July 2, 2018

The Open Government Partnership will host the 5th OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia on July 17-19, 2018. Priority thematic tracks are Civic Engagement, Anti-Corruption, and Public Service Delivery, as well as other topics for an open track.

The summit will bring an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas on how to make governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens. Open contracting is high on the agenda and we want to share some highlights with you! Please find the full agenda here.


Scaling the Future on Civic Tech

July 16, 2018 (taking place in margins of summit)
12:30-17:30 with following reception
Radisson Blu Hotel. Tbilisi, Georgia

The Code for All and the Omidyar Networks, together with the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos), mySociety, the National Democratic Institute (NDI ), and TransparenCEE, invite you to join guests from the donor and civic tech communities in a half-day forum to workshop the practices in supporting civic tech. Representatives from over 30 international donor and civic tech organizations to explore emerging opportunities for partnering with the civic tech movement, modalities for supporting civic tech, how to measure the impact of civic tech investments, and continuing to develop the civic tech movement. Taking place at the margins of the Open Government Partnership Summit in Tbilisi, this environment will serve as an opportunity to allow participants to also benefit from the broad networks and information exchanged at the OGP Summit.

More information and a detailed agenda of the afternoon is found here. You can register here.


Open Gov and the Trust Dilemma

July 17, 2018

Civil Society Day of the OGP Georgia Summit 2018 is a whole day gathering during the OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia on 17th July 2018. Civil Society Day is the principal gathering of the global civil society community working on advancing open government. The 5th OGP Global Summit Civil Society Day will be held from 8:30 am to 5:30pm at the Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Please join us for the Fishbowl session ‘Open Gov and the Trust Dilemma.’ During a 60 minutes panel with OpenGov leaders including government, civil society and private sector, we will review the current discourse about open government as a tool restoring trust in public institutions.

You can find more information about the session, its objectives, guiding questions and general structure here. You’re welcome to provide suggestions to us for the guiding questions asked during this session. 


  1. Helen Darbishire, Executive Director, Access Info Europe Access Info Europe, Spain
  2. Will Janssen, Director Open Societies, Hivos, Netherlands
  3. Quinn McKew, Deputy Executive Director, Article19, USA
  4. Alfredo Elizondo Rosales, GESOC, Agencia para el Desarrollo, A.C. México
  5. Sam van der Staak, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Sweden
  6. Wal Heller, EU Fundamental Rights Agency, EU
  7. Moderator: Julia Hoffmann, Hivos, NetherlandsThe agenda for the entire day is found here.


Eyes on the Price: Effective Strategies in Using Open Contracting and Open Data for Grassroots Health Advocacy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

July 18, 2018

Working on Open Contracting can be an initiative to impact real people’s lives, particularly when you reach out to activists and grassroots organizations who are already engaged in their specific fields of action and showcasing how it can become an effective tool to achieve their own goals. In this matter, Hivos and AFIC work closely with Open Contracting Partnership to develop effective strategies in using open contracting and open data for grassroots health advocacy, following successful cases in countries as Ukraine, Nigeria, Uganda, the Philippines and Guatemala. The panel will focus on discussion around case studies to share the experiences, impacts, and strategies developed to use procurement reforms and data for advocacy for better service delivery in health, particularly effective and efficient HIV and AIDS response and public health policy.
You can register here.


Regional Dialogue for Open Government Partnership

July 19, 2018

Session tends to highlight the most important global questions on a regional scale, attempts to provide insights into national answers and suggests regional approaches and innovative models to support and also compliments national efforts. The format of EU – national – regional context will allow the issues to be addressed in its complexity, as well as open the perspectives on innovative supra-national solutions. Session will be opened with the presentation of EU perspectives and further on, foreseen topics will be regionalised, nationalised and deepened in the framework of two panel discussions: accessibility of public services and availability of open data.
You can register here.


Everyone Complains, but Nothing Happens: How to Implement Feedback Loops in Public Contracting That Work

July 19, 2018

Many governments have started the journey to publish better data in public contracting but there has been little thought and practice to creating meaningful engagement from citizens and business. Making the public procurement process transparent alone is not enough. Citizens need to have a say throughout. Too often, consultations are too few and too late, complaints go unheard, the open data flow dries up, and multistakeholder groups turn into endless talk shows. We’ll explore how reformers can design, implement and measure better feedback loops that result in real ixes. During the session we will co-create practical recommendations for effective citizen engagement that delivers results.

You can register here.