New ways to protect the world’s most valuable ecosystem

June 16, 2016

From 2010 to 2015, Hivos was involved in CoCooN (Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries), a WOTRO-financed programme dedicated to finding new ways to end the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. CoCoon brought together scientists, indigenous leaders and environmental activists from several Amazonian countries to conduct research. Participants investigated the legal possibilities and the most effective form of political advocacy, but also experimented with using new technologies as monitoring tools.

A short documentary, “Indigenous Peoples in Defense of the Amazon”, has been made to showcase their findings.

In the documentary, indigenous leaders talk about their struggle against oil, mining and logging companies that often operate illegally in their vicinity. They make a solid case for closer monitoring of illegal activities and systematic evidence gathering, which can be used to attract media attention, start court cases or conduct advocacy, amongst others. Today, technologies like tablets, camera’s, GPS trackers and drones offer an extremely effective way of monitoring and collecting evidence.

Hivos is convinced that the key to protecting the Amazon lies in the hands of its first people and strives to assist them in taking their struggle to the next level.

Watch our 15-minute documentary (Spanish with English subtitles).