Meeting of Youth Shadowing Councils with Decision-Makers in Madaba

August 24, 2020

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By Shara Jazzar

Youth members of the shadowing councils from Madaba, Hasban and Naour met with male and female members of municipal councils, for the sake of improving youth’s involvement in local governance. Both parties shared their experiences and agreed on the importance of the initiative and the need to mainstream it and make it more inclusive in order to include more governmental institutions and promote youth and women’s participation in decision-making, as well as transparency and accountability.

In addition, the youth shared their experience and learnings from monitoring the work of local and municipal councils, as well as attending sessions. They also underlined the importance to respond to local needs that serve gender equality and women, which would promote women’s involvement in the public life. Examples of such needs include providing safe transportation and encouraging the recruitment of women.

The municipality members supported the suggestions and committed to outreaching to the local community to respond to their needs.

The Youth Shadowing Councils project is implemented by YWCA, with support from Hivos and funding from the Dutch MFA.