Lack of strong ambition at COP24

December 16, 2018

The ambition for COP24 was high. Countries were supposed to deliver a set of rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, decisions needed to be taken to enhance climate targets and progress was expected with regard to adequate financial support for the most vulnerable to implement the countries’ National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

After two weeks of negotiating a couple of strides are made. The Paris Rulebook is adopted and will help further operationalize the Paris Agreement. Countries agreed that 2020 is the year to come forward with stronger climate plans. And, much-needed financial pledges to different climate funds are made by individual countries and the World Bank, including specific mentioning that the money should be allocated to developing countries for implementation of their NDCs.

However, the COP failed to collectively set clear commitments to increase climate action targets. The in October released IPCC report that shows the devastating impact if we do not immediately respond with climate action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celcius, did not wake up our world leaders.  Nor did the growing crowd of people and civil society organizations worldwide that demand their leaders to take action.

As such Hivos is disappointed with the results of this COP. “We need strong leadership. We need developed countries to step up and commit to higher ambitions. We don’t have time to postpone action and especially need to help vulnerable countries to adapt to climate change before it is too late” says Rita Poppe, advocacy officer Green & Inclusive Energy at Hivos.

“We also need to realize climate action and development go hand in hand. We cannot reach the SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals] without climate action. […] Investing in renewable energy will help combating climate change and lift people out of poverty” Poppe adds.

Hivos organized several events at COP24 related to renewable energy and universal energy access through decentralized solutions. These events highlighted positive examples of climate action, provided solutions for energy access, and created space for voices from developing countries. See here for more information about our participation.