Invitation to bid: End of project evaluation

January 13, 2022

Hivos is looking for an expert M&E consultant to conduct an end of project evaluation of a small ‘’Access to Justice” project valued at 500K USD, implemented with 3 local partners (2 in Lebanon, 1 in Tunisia).

Type of Call: Call for Consultancies
Sector of Intervention: Gender issues
Deadline: Monday, 24 January 2022


Hivos is an international organization that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organizations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

Hivos is finalizing the implementation of an “Access to Justice’’ project of 500K USD, which ends on 28 Feb 2022. This project provides access to justice to marginalized people within the gender, diversity and inclusion sphere: empowering lawyers with legal defense tools in courts, tools to properly document violations, and by improving communication between lawyers and activists and uniting their forces through the formation of Legal Advocates and Defenders Networks in target countries. Access to Justice will also reach the grassroots through legal training sessions for caseworkers who engage with this marginalized community.

The main outcomes of this project are: 1- create a network of lawyers and advocates in each target country, 2- legal archiving by creating a database of documentation of violence and violations and legal archiving, 3- develop advocacy tools based on the data findings.

The project is being implemented in Lebanon and Tunisia with one lead local partner in Lebanon, and two local country partners – one in Lebanon, and one in Tunisia.

Partners are leading on data collection, data management, and Legal Network Foundation.


  1. Technical proposal to include:
    A technical proposal with a profile background, a clear methodology, a table with the list of activities and number of required days for each activity, a list of the deliverables and/or outcomes, and a brief reflection on the most similar projects.
  2. Financial proposal detailing the following:
    Professional daily rate of consultant/s reflecting on total number of days. No other expenses will be covered by Hivos

Evaluation aims to determine the following

  1. Effectiveness: methods into measurement of planned objectives and outputs in accordance with the design and time plan.
  2. Efficiency:  measuring the optimization of the project outcome
  3. Sustainability: measuring the sustainability ensured through project outcomes and results, how this sustainability will be conserved in the long run.
  4. Impact: identifying potential opportunities that can be used to capitalize on and briefly reflecting on its impact on the movement and creating better conditions for the targeted group.


  1. Inception report
    Detailing the initial findings, a proposed detailed action plan, tool/s that will be used for the evaluation, and the potential challenges and limitations with a proposed intervention plan.
  2. Tools relevant material
    All materials, questionnaires, surveys, FGD materials, or any other, to be used throughout the evaluation phase shall be shared with the focal point at Hivos.
  3. Draft and final of the evaluation report
    Draft evaluation report shall be submitted to the focal point at Hivos for review and feedback, after which a final report is submitted.


Deadline for delivery of final report is February 18, 2022

Consultant Profile

  • At least   3-5  years of relevant experience in project M&E, project management, project planning and designing
  • In-depth understanding of marginalized people within the gender, diversity and inclusion sphere in the MENA context, and specifically relevant experience in the targeted countries.
  • Track record in working on advocacy  projects is a plus

How to apply

Based on the criteria, and if interested, we welcome you to submit in English to email:, with the subject heading: “Hivos – End of Project Evaluation’’ with the following documents:

  • A copy of the consultant’s resume
  • At least two references from past/recent and similar work/assignments done
  • Technical Proposal demonstrating understanding of requirements; detailing the proposed methodology & approaches to be used, and proposed detailed work plan.
  • Financial Proposal (inclusive of required taxes) with detailed breakdown of costs (please note: In case the consultant cannot provide proof of registration with Lebanon’s MOF, 7.5% will be deducted in line with GoL regulations.

Deadline: 24 January 2022.  Applications after this date will not be considered.  Applications should address all requirements, otherwise application will not be considered.

Please note: Hivos Netherlands office will handle payment for this assignment.