Introducing Hivos Southeast Asia’s Residency Fellows: Moloka and SiMaggie

October 26, 2017

The fellows for our new Residency Program are here! Hivos Southeast Asia and Impact Hub Jakarta have picked Moloka and SiMaggie to join the program. Through this 3-month Residency Program, these enterprises will be nurtured and provided access to relevant actors in the ecosystem and will enjoy free access to a coworking space, networking opportunities, events, and training.


Moloka utilizes goat milk to develop various healthy products, ranging from food such as feta cheese and yogurt, to skincare such soap. The small business started in 2011 from family farm in Parung, Bogor and has been through ups and downs since then. Goat milk is high in calcium and fatty acids (richer than cow milk) and low in cholesterol, however Moloka finds it challenging to promote the benefit of goat milk since most of Indonesia society is glued to cow milk. After struggling with the closing of its goat farm in 2016, Moloka rebuilt the business and started to partner with local farms, and committed itself to using only natural ingredients for the products. One of Moloka’s missions is to help smallholder goat farmers in Parung thrive. Through this program, Moloka intends to learn how to optimize its social impact and expand the network.


SiMaggie innovates with maggot to create a more affordable animal feed for farmers and more sustainable products for the environment. Concerned by the pricey animal feed that is generally unaffordable for farmers, SiMaggie has decided to make a difference by converting organic waste from hotels and restaurants and intos maggots through a bioconversion process. The maggot itself is an alternative animal feed for poultry and fish farm. The process doesn’t end there. SiMaggie does further product diversification by utilizing the residue of the bioconversion process as fertilizer for their integrated organic farming jointly owned with their local community.  Transforming from a non-profit to a social enterprise, SiMaggie aims to improve its business model and market network through this program.

For starters, on Sunday 22 October Moloka and SiMaggie took part in a mini talk session at Forum for Young Indonesians, an event supported by Hivos. The theme of the session was “Turning Ideas into Action: Youth in the Food Business”. In the upcoming weeks, Moloka and SiMaggie will participate in many more events organized by Hivos Southeast Asia and Impact Hub Jakarta.