“I eat green”, a campaign for healthy eating

May 6, 2015

Do you know why it’s better to consume green products? This is just one of the important questions about sustainable food answered by the “Yo como verde” ­(I eat green) project, an initiative promoted by Hivos in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

“Yo como verde” is a digital information campaign aimed at promoting a culture of healthy eating, while at the same time providing information about sustainable food products and where they can be purchased. “Yo como verde” aims to connect consumers with businesses offering sustainable food products.

On its webpage, “Yo como verde” offers visitors different types of information: from maps of Costa Rica and Guatemala where sustainable, nutritious and healthy food products can be found, to advice on the health value of these food products for people. Furthermore, a section dedicated to healthy recipes catches the eye.

Hivos defines sustainable food products as: “all those derived from processes causing zero or minimum environmental damage; under clear quality standards, respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems; and produced by local producers who respect the environment and are socially committed”.

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