How women will contribute to worldwide Energy Access for all by 2030

June 22, 2021

How to achieve worldwide energy access by 2030? And, while doing so, also reach gender equality in the energy sector, amplify women’s voices and accelerate actions on gender and energy.

In preparation for the September UN High-level Dialogue on Energy, ministries, governments, private sector, civil society, youth organizations and others gather virtually over five days (21-25 June 2021) to formulate a common roadmap to reach these goals.

Want to contribute or hear more about the various subjects? Hivos/ ENERGIA are pleased to invite you to join the following sessions, hosted and organized by key actors in the promotion and advancement of gender and energy access for all. ENERGIA’s Sheila Oparaocha, Executive Coordinator, and other ENERGIA contributors will be there to interact during the several sessions.

There will be a focus on five themes: energy access; energy transition; enabling the SDGs through inclusive, just energy transitions; innovation, technology, and data; and finance and investment. The Call for Action from ENERGIA for strong political will, international cooperation, and increased investment for closing gender gaps in the energy sector include:

  • Increase investments in energy services that directly meet poor women’s energy needs for cooking, health, education, water supply and lighting.
  • Support women’s entrepreneurship in energy value chains and their productive uses of energy.
  • Increase women’s participation, leadership, and agency in the energy sector.
  • Increase opportunities for decent jobs and career advancement for women to fulfil their potentials and aspirations in the energy transition.
  • Systematically collect, report and use disaggregated data and evidence to ensure accountability to commitments on women’s empowerment.

So please visit the ENERGIA website and join the online events of your interest. We specifically invite you to the Ministerial-level Thematic Forum Panel on Energy Transition on Wednesday 23rd from 09:00 – 11:00 EST | 15:00 – 17:00 CEST that features Hivos’ Executive Director Edwin Huizing.