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Forging multi-actor initiatives

As much as Hivos values the right of individuals to shape their lives, we believe that sustainable change will only happen if people undertake concerted and collective action. Hivos brings together all relevant stakeholders in effective multi-actor initiatives.

We organize them around an exciting plan and facilitate the process of co-creating fair and inclusive solutions to complex problems. Ideas are best forged into viable solutions by the joined hands of rights holders and their organizations, government and business representatives, creatives and technologists. We finance programs, ensure professional monitoring and evaluations, and incorporate lessons learned into future programming.

A Hivos strategy

Hivos has developed a manual about forging multi-actor initiatives. The insights and guidelines captured in this manual are meant for all who engage with multi-actor initiatives, either to coordinate, strategize, manage, implement, monitor and/or reflect on different aspects of these initiatives.

Multi-Actor Initiatives as a Hivos Strategy

Another good example is All Eyes on the Amazon, in which Hivos, Greenpeace, and 24 international and local partners support indigenous peoples in the Amazon. We help them fight deforestation through drone-assisted monitoring, supply chain investigations, lobbying and public campaigning.