Hivos Impact Investments B.V. has become a truly European-African company

August 2, 2021

Started as a Dutch Investment Management Company that targeted investments in Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa, Hivos Impact Investments (H.I.I.) will now be owned across two continents. Twenty-four-year-old LifeCo UnLtd, a respected South African impact business and investor, joins the fifty-year-old Hivos Foundation as shareholder.

Hivos and LifeCo first met in 2014, and a cooperative relationship developed that was meaningful to both sides. Over the last two years, the prospect of LifeCo acquiring a stake in H.I.I. began to make strategic sense to all parties. The partnership has resulted in innovative financial instruments and approaches being developed for Southern African enterprises. Equity and convertible debt remain the key pillars of the investment mix, especially through the Hivos Food and Lifestyle Fund. Existing investors in the fund are supportive of the partnership and the potential for more effective African impact and returns.

Join our journey

Two-thirds of the existing team will now operate in Southern Africa, with new key positions opening over the next few months.

Investors from Africa, Europe and beyond who seek both financial and meaningful impact returns are welcome to contact us and join the journey.

With LifeCo UnLtd, Hivos Foundation and Hivos Impact Investments working in partnership, the scope and offering is better focused and strengthened. We are proud to announce that our long-term partner and friend is now an investor and shareholder. LifeCo UnLtd – officially welcome to the family!