Hivos Fellowships: call for applications

September 26, 2019

At Hivos, we are constantly looking for new ideas and strategies to help us tackle current and upcoming challenges as we try to build a more just and fair society. To explore these new opportunities, Hivos is opening its doors to creatives and innovators who are operating ahead of the curve in rethinking the future of humanism. 

The Hivos Fellowship focuses on two themes: Digital Futures and Creative Futures. Fellows are invited to explore relevant topics beyond Hivos’ daily operations. 

Fellowships topics are not predefined. But as an indicative list of possible topics, Hivos fellows could, for instance, explore: 

  • ethics and cultures in technology
  • promises of arts in the urban age 
  • data ownership and governance
  • policies for gender equalities and sustainable practices within the creative/tech sectors
  • Artificial Intelligence for Human Rights
  • art as social enterprise
  • community-owned energy production

How it works 

The fellowship will be assigned on a rolling basis starting from November, 2019. The time frame of the fellowship depends on the availability of the fellow and Hivos staff. Hivos request fellows to dedicate a minimum of 16 hours per week to work on the selected research question/experiment/topic for a period of 4 months in a row in 2019-2020. In this time frame, fellows produce a tangible output that resonates with the daily practices of the Hivos team. Hivos will provide a stipend of 2000 EUR monthly for fellow’s expenses.   

Read the Call for Applications and apply here.

Deadline for applications: Friday, November 1, 2019