Hivos celebrates its work in South America and announces new headquarters

November 10, 2015

What challenges do we predict for the future of civil society? How do we present the continuity of the work of civic organizations? These were the questions guiding the seminar held by Hivos in South America, which brought representatives of various partner organizations working in the region together in Bolivia.

The two-day meeting in October was organized by the Hivos regional office in South America.  Organizations and groups working for the empowerment of women, cultural activism, sexual rights, sexual diversity, transparency and free communication were represented at the event, in addition to organizations working to promote sustainable food, green enterprises, microfinance and the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and the environment.

During the meeting, seven groups discussed the various themes Hivos works on:

Sexual rights, abortion and masculinity
The talk revolved around progress and setbacks in the struggle for the decriminalization of abortion, sexual rights, pleasure and masculinity.

Microfinance and green enterprises
This group focused on advances in microfinance in the region,  opportunities for sustainable production in rural areas,  the socioeconomic impact of green projects in the Amazon and biodigester owners as entrepreneurs.

Sexual diversity and activism
The accomplishments, obstacles and strategies for advocacy of LGBTI movements were examined.

Indigenous peoples, extractivism and territory
The conversation dealt with the threats and pressures faced by indigenous peoples in the region and the actions they have taken to protect their rights and community through socio-environmental monitoring.

Culture and Social Change
This panel looked at the political impact of culture and collaborative actions: social change resulting from cultural actions and campaigns, communication and activism.

Media activism, journalism and digital activism
The topics discussed were citizen empowerment for free communication, social technology for public transparency and the activist and civic face of hackers.

Context of the work of NGOs in the region
The discussion revolved around the history of NGOs in South America: successes, failures and challenges.

During the event it was officially announced that Hivos has decided to consolidate its presence in Latin America into one office. The new headquarters of Hivos Latin America will be based in San José, Costa Rica. It is from this office that the processes that have been supported in South America will continue to be promoted, said the director of Hivos Latin America, Myrtille Danse.