Girls vs. princesses, a game to combat gender stereotypes

August 18, 2015

Dodging high heels, tight dresses and Prince Charming’s kiss are some of the objectives of the game “Girls vs. Princesses”, an initiative of PICA, who has launched this project with the support of Hivos.

The game, which can be downloaded free from Google Play Store, seeks to combat gender stereotypes. The protagonist is a young girl running through a forest, a ballroom and a castle, where she must avoid being trapped, first by the makeup the fairy godmother tries to  smear her with, then a corseted and pompous dress, followed by an attack from a pink wardrobe that shoots pink high heels, and finally, Prince Charming’s kiss.

To protect herself from these enemies, the girl relies on allies such as books, paint brushes and other objects that invite her to diversify her choices and save herself from being typecast as a traditional woman.

If the player is not very skilled, the “Princessometer” will rise until she turns into a little princess.

“The game does not seek to attack the princesses, but rather to show girls that there are options to the pink dictatorship,” say its creators.

Hivos supports initiatives around the world aimed at combating gender inequality and empowering women.

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