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Open Source Seed Systems Facts & Figures

Project 1: Promoting open source seed systems for beans, forage, legumes, millet and sorghum for climate change adaptation in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Duration: 2016-2020
Donor: Benefit Sharing Fund of the FAO Plant Treaty (ITPGRFA)
Partner: Bioversity International
Scope: East Africa and Southern Africa
Current financing period: 2016-2020
Budget 2016:  49.500 USD
Total budget 2016-2020: 198.000 USD

Project 2: Seeds are the soul of our food systems: building open source seed systems in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Duration: 2016-2017 (March)
Donor: Open Society Foundations
Partner: Bioversity International
Scope:  Africa
Current financing period: 2016-2017 (March)
Budget 2016:  195.760 USD
Total budget 2016-2017 (March): 244.700 USD