Hivos International

Making All Voices Count

Making All Voices Count is an international initiative that harnesses the power of innovation and new technologies to support effective, accountable governance.

Developments in technology and innovation mean that government and citizens can interact like never before. Making All Voices Count is about seizing this moment to promote transparency, fight corruption, empower citizens, and harness the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable.

Working in 12 countries across Africa and Asia, we fund new ideas that amplify the voices of citizens, and enable governments to listen and respond. We apply creative and cutting-edge solutions – many of which use technology – to the challenge of amplifying citizen’s voices and enabling governments to listen and respond.

We explore the role innovation can play in securing responsive, accountable government, and are helping to build an evidence base on what works and what does not. You can read our findings on why many CSOs' tech projects are failing here:

Who we are

Making All Voices Count is managed by a consortium of three partners:

  • Hivos (consortium lead) – An international development organisation working in 26 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America to support people who are systematically blocked from rights, opportunities and resources.
  • Ushahidi – One of the pioneering technology-for-development organisations, providing open source tools for interactive mapping and real-time crowdsourcing of information deployed in 150 countries since 2008.
  • Institute for Development Studies (IDS): A leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications. IDS is based at the University of Sussex in the UK.

Where we work

The programme focuses in 12 countries across Africa and Asia: Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia.