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End-Term Evaluation of the Citizen Agency Consortium

Photo: Verónica Leyton


2020 marks the last year of a unique five-year-long strategic partnership between ARTICLE 19, Hivos, IIED and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the ministry’s Dialogue and Dissent program, alliances were forged with organizations around the world to collectively achieve a single purpose: strengthening the influencing power of civil society in low- and middle-income countries.

Below you can find the End-Term Evaluation documents.

Summit report



Evaluation of the consortium’s thematic programs


Sustainable Diets for All

End-Term Evaluation

Case study reports:



Policy Influencing





Green and Inclusive Energy

End-Term Evaluation

Case study reports are included

in the end-term evaluation report. 






Decent Work for Women

End-Term Evaluation

Case study reports:


The Netherlands





Open Up Contracting

End-Term Evaluation

Case study reports:

Engagement with marginalized groups

Media and journalism

Private sector engagement

Subnational government engagement



Evaluation of the consortium

End-Term Evaluation of the Internal Organization


Reflection on the evaluation

Learning and Accountability in Turbulent Waters


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Citizen Agency Consortium External End Evaluation


Policy brief

The Hidden Life of Theories of Change