We Decide, We Resist, and We Exist. From Radical Tenderness

We Lead is an inspiring, innovative, and powerful program to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of four specific groups of young women rightsholders. The program puts these young women in the lead, while supporting their advocacy efforts. The aim is to build effective and sustainable advocacy for their SRHR, increased self-confidence, stronger networks, new knowledge, and more inclusive movements.

“We young women – lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, with disabilities, living with HIV and affected by displacement – disrupt public spaces with our diverse bodies, often socially seen as strange and sickly. We rebel against the binary view of gender, and move beyond the masculine and feminine, because we know there are multiple ways to assume our identities. We embrace the different, the “weird” and what is out of the norm.”

The young women of We Lead’s Community of Action (CoA) in Guatemala decided to tell their stories through portraits of their bodies in the booklet “We Decide, We Resist, and We Exist. From Radical Tenderness”. This strong stance calls attention to the various specific demands of these women rightsholders. The goal is to build individual and collective rightsholder leaders with greater political autonomy, and help position them individually and collectively as political subjects with the right to decide.

We Decide We Resist And We Exist

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