The Utility and Viability of Digital Technologies

This report shows the extent to which digital technologies can be used in producing and disseminating audio-visual creative content on human rights. The report covers Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, highlighting recent developments in digital rights and how these have impacted the creative sector.

This research explores the utility and viability of digital technologies in the production and promotion of critical audio-visual content by creatives. More specifically, it sought to:

  • establish regional trends in the creative sector with regard to uptake of technology in the development of critical content
  • highlight policy and regulatory frameworks for digital technologies and their implication to production, promotion and consumption of critical content in East Africa
  • identify opportunities for policy development and stakeholder engagement in the use of digital technologies in the production and promotion of critical content and provide recommendations to increase uptake of digital technologies for the production of critical audio- visual content by makers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research was informed by data collected using a combination of literature review and key informant interviews from selected ROOM partners.

Digital Technologies Report

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