Report: Keep an eye on resources!

Hivos published the report of Keep an Eye on Resources: Results of Monitoring the Application of Extraordinary Resources to face with the Covid-19 Pandemic for Indigenous Peoples in the Brazilian Amazon.

The report presents the results of five months (April to August) of analysis of the execution of the extraordinary resources to face the pandemic for indigenous peoples, executed by MMFDH, by Funai. In addition to information on the execution of the regular budget of the DSEIs located in the region.

The document brings several highlights: disparity in the distribution of resources between states in the Amazon, delay in delivery of basic food baskets, purchase of trucks by Funai and much more.

Hivos believes in the importance of this work as an instrument of transparency and social control of public spending, indispensable for social participation in democratic governments.

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Report: Keep an eye on resources! (on Portuguese)

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