Hivos Annual Report 2021

In Hivos’ 2021 Annual Report, we reflect on a year that demonstrated that the Covid-19 pandemic was much more than a health crisis. It affected societies and economies at their core and led to even more division and greater inequality, including a worrying rise in gender-based violence and discrimination against LGBTIQ+ communities.

The year was also alarming for our planet, once again. The climate crisis, increasingly palpable for many, will further exacerbate inequalities and disproportionately impact those who are least responsible for causing it.

Running parallel to these global challenges is the rapid, unequal digitalization of our societies, which has made access to information a privilege instead of a right. Ensuring everyone has access to information is crucial to build more fair and just societies and to allow full and equal participation in public life.

What gives us hope is the unwavering dedication of all Hivos stakeholders who continued delivering even under difficult circumstances, who continued fighting for a world where people can build fair, just and life-sustaining societies. Thanks to these donors, partner organizations and staff, we were able to continue programs and even start new initiatives. You will find numerous examples of this in our 2021 Annual Report.

The year was also crucial for our organization itself. In the Annual Report we explain how we brought further focus to our work and deepened our commitment to local leadership and decentralization. Furthermore you will find a detailed version of our 2021 Annual Accounts.

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Hivos Annual Report 2021

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