Footprints of Change

The horticulture sector is a multi-billion income earner for countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, and presents opportunities for advocating for better work conditions for the workers, many of whom are women. The Women@Work Campaign that ran from 2016 to 2020 was set up to do just that. The campaign’s singular purpose of improving the labor conditions for women working in flower farms focused on six key issues: Women Leadership, Sexual Harassment, The Living Wage, Worker representation and participation, Maternal and Reproductive health rights, and Health and Safety at the Workplace.

In the five-year period, the interventions pursued by the campaign tackling these issues produced encouraging results as evidenced in this book. The workers, who toil every day on the horticultural value chain, made these successes possible. They, majority of them being women, stood up for their rights, and collectively improved their working conditions in line with the rallying call of this campaign. This book is a celebration of the strength, and the resilience of these women.

Through this book, we not only purpose to showcase the program work, but also hope it can inspire individuals, and those engaged in horticultural enterprise, especially flower farming business, to continue supporting the creation of decent and safe workspaces for women.


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