eBook: New Voices of the Amazon

We met a group of Indigenous youth from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon through the Leadership Program with Gender Sensitivity for Young Indigenous people, within the framework of the All Eyes on the Amazon program. They were learning about legislation, sustainability, climate change, and gender; but we learned much more through their voices and their stories.

This eBook is the product of testimonials, messages, and long conversations with Jhomar of the Shipibo- Konibo people of Peru, Samantha of the Shuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Yulissa of the Yine people, and more Indigenous young people who opened their hearts to us and shared their plans, concerns, and hopes.

Their stories transport us to their homes, communities, and even into their Ayahuasca visions. They not only take us deep into the Amazon, but also inspire us to join them in the fight to protect the Amazon forest and its inhabitants.


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