Counter the Digital Monoculture

Building an inclusive digital environment

Hivos sees vital opportunities to support creatives and build alternative digital spaces and activist communities that will stand up to the digital monoculture. They are essential if we want to imagine and work towards a more humane and sustainable digital future.

In Counter the Digital Monoculture, we interview seven future-oriented activists, artists and academics. We asked them, “How can we counter the digital monoculture?” The interviews cover a wide range of topics, from indigenous futurism to afro-feminism, speculative storytelling, and the need for a fossil-free internet. A recurring theme is the importance of amplifying the work of activists, artists, and filmmakers to reach wide audiences with narratives that focus on humane digital futures.

“For me it is a very straightforward question; if you want to break the digital monoculture you need to break big tech.”

The interviews have been conducted by Arthur Steiner, Digital Specialist at Hivos and Anna Sejbaek Torp-Pedersen, Editor at Digital Earth in 2021.

This publication was made possible with support from Sida

Counter the Digital Monoculture

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