Developing a strategy in community organizing

December 5, 2019

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By Shara Jazzar

Since the goal of community organizing is to change the existing balance of power to the benefit of the concerned population, developing a strong strategy is essential as it is what guarantees the success of a campaign.

What is a strategy?

A strategy is using the resources and capacities you have in order to realize your strategic goal and achieve your vision. Even though a strategy is often triggered by an event that leads to provocation and challenge, it can also be developed proactively to counteract a repetitive pattern of injustice. Furthermore, a strategy should take into consideration all perspectives related to the matter in order to ensure a global and comprehensive understanding of it.

How to make change?

There are two ways to make change, either through cooperation or through pressure. This leads us to two different types of campaigns, depending on which approach we choose. In order to impact one element of weakness associated with the party on which we want to make pressure, we have to use one element of strength related to the concerned population. This will ensure that the campaign is focused and more prone to success.