Decentralizing Government and Centralizing Gender in Jordanian Municipalities

July 22, 2020

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By Shara Jazzar

The Higher Population Council (HPC) in Jordan is organizing consultation meetings in the governorates of Madaba, Mahes and Ajloun to introduce members of municipalities to the “Decentralizing Government and Centralizing Gender in Jordanian Municipalities” project, implemented in cooperation with Hivos and funding from the Dutch MFA.

The goal of the project is to share the results of the population report related to each region with members of the municipal and local councils, as well as shed the light on the evaluation undertaken for identifying gender gaps and emphasizing the need to fulfill gender mainstreaming plans.

The main priorities addressed are how to improve the performance of municipal and local councils and make their plans more gender sensitive. Throughout the project, meetings were held with the governors as well as municipal councils who underlined the importance of developing gender mainstreaming plans that address the local needs of people.