COVID-19 Research Opportunity

April 21, 2020

The Hivos Open Up Contracting program and Open Contracting Partnership are seeking action research partners to contribute to more effective procurement to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This would include projects to collect and analyze data related to emergency procurement (and other relevant datasets) with the objective of improving efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, integrity, and/or equity. Recommendations from OCP are available on their dedicated resource page.

The expected deliverables of these research projects include:

  • Relevant data collected
  • Methodology
  • Summary of research findings and actionable recommendations

We can provide the following support:

1.     Data Collection

We have developed this guide to covid-19 procurement data collection aligned with the Open Contracting Data Standard. We will work with you to adapt this data collection guide to your context and monitoring objectives (for example to add health, demographic or other types of data).

If you need a tool to help you with data collection, we can work with you to adapt a spreadsheet input template to facilitate your efforts to collect the needed information and structure it according to the OCDS.

2.      Data Analysis

We can help you to refine your monitoring methodology and theory of change drawing inspiration from this OCP’s Covid-19 monitoring guidance. We can also support you with your analysis and help you to articulate actionable findings.

3.      Communications and advocacy support

We can help you to disseminate your findings and recommendations to decision-makers so that they can lead to measurable improvements in the Covid-19 response procurement.

4.       Resources

Research grants of 3000 USD upon completion of deliverables.


Time is of the essence in this type of action research project, therefore we hope that we will be able to move quickly with:

  • Data collection template finalized by mid-May
  • Methodology finalized by June
  • Analysis & recommendations finalized by July

Projects will be selected on a rolling basis. Deadline: May 4 at 5:59am GMT+2


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