Costa Rica is “Dancing with the Planet”

June 30, 2015

Public space can become the ideal platform for building communities and engaging citizens to pursue ambitious collective goals. The project “Bailando con el Planeta” (dancing with the planet) uses playful, creative and original means to recover public spaces in Costa Rica and promote citizen’s awareness of the importance of generating alternative and renewable energy.

This initiative of Pausa Urbana is being co-financed and co-created by the Hivos Green Society and Open Society  programmes. Pausa Urbana is a multi-disciplinary collective started in 2009 with the aim of implementing alternative forms of urban management by the inhabitants of San José so that public spaces truly become areas of coexistence for all.

Through dance, exercise and other playful activities that take place in the parks of San José, “Bailando con el Planeta” encourages citizens to explore the different ways of generating energy using their own bodies. For example, generating electricity by pedaling a bike connected to a power generator.

The main events take place two days a month in Plaza de la Democracia, in downtown San José. Dozens of people of all ages gather in the park to activate their body, become aware of alternative and renewable self-producedforms of energy and of their shared responsibility for these common spaces. Recognized artists from Costa Rica participate in “Bailando con el Planeta”, and the project is planned to expand to other areas of the city.

The project forms part of the efforts of the Hivos Open Society and Green Society programs to make creative use of public spaces so people will become aware of the importance of using of clean and renewable energy.

Watch a video of “Bailando con el Planeta” (ES)

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