Costa Rica hosts the Open Goverment Partnership Regional Meeting

November 19, 2014

The Open Government Partnership Regional Meeting for the Americas is an event that brings together civil society organizations and NGOs, policy leaders and representatives of industry for a series of workshops, presentations and panel discussions focusing on OGP developments in Latin America.

Hivos is co-organizing the event, along with the governments and civil society of Costa Rica and Mexico.

The encounter started with a civil society “unconference” on November 17, a participant-driven meeting organized by Hivos and civil society organizations from Costa Rica and Mexico. The Regional Meeting for the Americas is taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica on 18 and 19 November involving over 40 breakout sessions, workshops, panels, book presentations, plenaries and a data expedition.

The Regional Meeting is a space to highlight good practices and successful initiatives, discuss the challenges faced, and establish support and peer exchange for regional mechanisms.

This year in San Jose, more than 300 key actors from around the Americas are sharing their experiences and knowledge and delve into the biggest transparency and accountability challenges facing the region .

Hivos supports the Regional Meeting for the Americas, ‘América Abierta’, because it focuses on our core themes, such as transparency, accountability and citizen participation