Citizen-alert app wins Green Start-up Weekend in Bolivia

September 15, 2015

The Green Startup Weekend held in August in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, looked to promote sustainable and responsible business projects in environmental management.

Organized by the Foundation Work Enterprise (FTE) and supported by Hivos, this weekend-long activity brought together young people from various trades and professions to work on innovative ideas to build businesses with the help of mentors experienced in environmental, technological and business issues.

During the event, twenty-nine ideas were generated in total, of which eight were selected by the jury.  In the end, three winning projects were chosen. “Improving my city”, an application that can generate and view citizen demands on the state of a city, won first place.

 “Green Cycle” came in second for its proposed recycling of electronic equipment, while the “Eco Bijou” project took third place with its initiative to promote the creation of online bijouterias (jewelry stores), working with a group of women artisans.

Start-up Weekend is a global movement of entrepreneurs who disseminate best practices for creating businesses that are environment-friendly.

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