Join us 30 November at the International Anti-Corruption Conference

November 23, 2020

Cities, Corruption and COVID-19

Hivos will host a workshop at the upcoming International Anti-Corruption Conference looking into innovative approaches to tackling corruption at city level.

What are the corruption risks at city level? And where is the support for approaches to tackle them? Sign up to join the conversation on Monday 30 November 2020 at 11.00 – 12.30 UTC

As the world turns urban, actions at city-level will shape the lives of billions of people. Cities confront drastic demographic changes, pressure on vital public services and climate risks. Covid-19 has increased challenges for cities: from managing the immediate health emergency to overcoming its severe social and economic impacts. Preventing corruption is essential to a fair, inclusive and sustainable recovery. 

In the workshop, we will look corruption risks at city level and at support for innovative approaches for integrity and open government. Diverse stakeholders who rarely meet but can effectively team up against corruption will join the workshop – from local office holders to governance activists, architects and urban planners. Such unusual partnerships will be vital in getting ahead of the curve in addressing the impacts of Covid-19. 


Jennifer Bretaña, Urban and Regional Planner, Provincial Government of South Cotabato

Rudi Borrmann, Deputy Director & Lead OGP Local, Open Government Partnership,  Open Government Partnership

Laura Nkula, African Center for Cities and Gilbert Siame, University of Zambia and African Center for Cities

Ana Gabriel Zúñiga Aponte, Hivos Latin America, former Vice Minister of Citizen Dialogue of Costa Rica

Moderated by Vivien Suerte-Cortez, Hivos Southeast Asia

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