Celebrating women who cultivate change in East Africa – literally!

March 25, 2024

With support from Global Affairs Canada, Hivos has been running a transformative program for women in agriculture in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia called “Rural Women Cultivating Change” (RWCC).

It tries to change cultural norms and structures holding back young and adult rural women, specifically women smallholder farmers, female heads of households, and survivors of sexual gender-based violence (SGBV). Free from these constraints, they’ll have a better chance at asserting control over their lives, advocating for themselves and others, and assuming leadership roles within their communities and beyond.

RWCC Program Officer, Mumbi Mugo, was recently interviewed on Kenya’s TV47 prime live show The Market Place. The discussion, broadcast across the region, focused on how the program supports women as critical agents of change, works to dismantle patriarchal cultures, and promotes women’s contributions to agriculture in East Africa.

“To better promote women in farming, we need to center our efforts on farmers who are the face of farming to create a farmer-led advocacy. Involving women in agriculture has to be deliberate.”

– Mumbi Mugo on The Market Place

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This interview is part of a series of Hivos’ activities in East Africa to mark Women’s Month. Our program officer Dorcas Mwachi of the We Lead program was also featured on another TV47 prime show, Morning Café. Besides talking about the program’s recent successes, she also delved into topics like gender equality and social inclusion.

“Most people don‘t understand what gender equality is. It’s a simple thing – like education. Why do I have to stay at home, but my brother can go to school? Because we can only afford the fees for one child. And then my brother goes to a boarding school. How about – we all go to a day school? Because this fee will cover the two of us. Those are some of the small things we’re talking about.”

– Dorcas Mwachi on Morning Cafe

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Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programs

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