Call for Proposals: Art & Climate Justice Research

November 16, 2021

Hivos is looking for a research institution or individual to map the existing climate justice advocacy work which integrates art in it. We would like to identify artists, initiatives, collectives, and communities who are integrating art as a medium for advocacy and their impact on the climate justice conversation. We are looking to learn from these initiatives and determine which patterns, successes and failures exist in these conversations and their impact in moving the climate justice conversation forward.

  • Region: Global (preferred: Kenya, Zambia, Tunisia, Brazil, Indonesia, Bolivia, Paraguay)
  • Office: Hivos East Africa
  • Application deadline: November 30, 2021
  • Read the Terms of Reference for more information 

From this research we will determine key outcomes, and successful elements of these art campaigns to develop recommendations for partners of our Voices for Just Climate Action program and the wider Hivos community. We would like to learn to what level the campaigns were successful and what impact they have versus other advocacy methods.

Application procedure

Proposals must be presented in containing the following:

  1. Name of the entity and representative with name and contact of the responsible person that will sign the consultancy agreement
  2. Research experience specifically relevant to this consultancy
  3. Proposed methodology to mapping the artists, collectives and communities including desktop research and field visits.
  4. Proposed outcomes of your activities; and the change you aim to achieve
  5. Work plan that briefly outlines proposed activities, including a simple schedule, time frame for activities for a period of three months
  6. Budget of all planned activities including travel

Proposals sent after the deadline will be considered invalid.

Send your application as a single PDF document to by November 30th 2021. In the subject, please indicate “VCA Art & Climate Justice Research Proposal”