Briefing Jam

July 10, 2018

Bridging design and climate action

The 21st century has seen the rise of some of the most pressing problems witnessed in the globe since the beginning of time. Citizens significantly face barriers that inhibit them from thriving and the environment- is at the brink of extinction where most natural resources are in a serious crisis, almost going extinct.

Social innovation- a possible solution to contemporary societal challenges- is now fostering change and empowering citizens to create prosperous and thriving societies. Beyond scientific solutions; societies are now embracing new ways of thinking to boost economic growth, experience freedom and propel human dignity.

Hivos East Africa, has been in this space for close to 15 years now. By ‘powering’ front-runners to spearhead social innovation in unique spaces such as food movements and clean energy; Hivos is accelerating change to counter social injustice.

This year Hivos East Africa and What Design Can Do have set out on a different journey with a clear purpose. Through a partnership, the two organisations want to improve lives in Kenya by empowering design thinkers and frugal innovators to propel climate change adaptation- mostly in the sustainable food space and renewable energy.

The partnership will tackle clean energy decentralisation, sustainable food, water supply, and agriculture. Furthermore, it will drive creatives and innovators to find holistic solutions that cover several problems simultaneously and contribute to the UN SDG 13 on Climate Action.

In Nairobi, Kenya, Hivos East Africa and What Design Can Do are organising the first of its kind Design Jam bringing together designers, creatives and innovators. The event will take place on 11 July 2018.

The Briefing Jam is a unique workshop that goes deeper by igniting designers’ creativity to quickly come up with innovative and impactful ideas to solve various problems.

With the overriding theme: Climate Change; the Design Jam will feature panel discussions, group work and development of iconic ideas that challenge the current model of thinking under climate action.

The event is a connection with previously held Briefing Jams in the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico and India. This is part of a collective effort that builds an ecosystem of designers, creatives and innovators from the Netherlands, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico and India to prototype design in order to solve complex issues.

For this first Design Jam we will be targeting designers, innovators and creatives to draft briefs for the challenge that address problems in their different contexts.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a reflective session to gather feedback that will be used to refine and finalise the briefs for the official launch of the Design Challenge in September, 2018.