Women’s Economic Empowerment through Tanocraft

March 15, 2017

Tanoker is a learning community in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. This community is doing their best to develop the potential of local women and children through creative activities. One of these is the “Learning and Tourism Village of Ledokombo” programme in Jember, in which Tanoker supports the villagers to make souvenirs for tourists visiting the village. The handicraft groups set up by the Tanocraft programme consist mostly of women, who also make and sell “jamu”, traditional drinks from herbal plants growing in the surrounding area.

The Tanocraft programme, funded by Hivos Southeast Asia, has brought many new opportunities to Ledokombo’s villagers. Most importantly, it gives them the chance to increase the household income without being forced to go abroad as migrant workers – the fate of many women in Ledokombo up until now.

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