Action 24 Launches Green Discussion Forum in Zimbabwe

February 7, 2017

Action 24, a Hivos Southern Africa partner under the Green and Inclusive Energy programme, launched the Green Discussions Forum in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city. The Green Discussions Forum is targeted at stimulating young people in Zimbabwe to actively take part in promoting the green agenda in Zimbabwe. Action 24 seeks to empower young people on issues related to climate change, environment and renewable energy.

The Green Discussions Forum is premised on the idea that unleashing young people’s creativity and innovation is key to the uptake of renewable energy. “Green Discussions Forum is a friendly platform to discuss solar, wind, and micro hydro electricity, home energy efficiency, solar heating, green building materials and home design among other things,” said Archie Chemhere, CEO of Action 24. “The discussion platform offers an opportunity for youth to meet and dialogue with energy experts and enthusiasts from the private sector, media, government and CSOs.

The ultimate goal of the monthly discussions is to influence policies to promote active youth participation in leading and living sustainable green lifestyles.

Taking advantage of increased internet connectivity in Zimbabwe, Action 24 will also host the discussions online. “As Hivos, we are keen to see more young people getting involved in the green and inclusive energy agenda because young people represent the future. We need young people to take an interest in renewable energy issues,” said Masimba Biriwasha, Communications Officer at Hivos Southern Africa.

Other partners in the Green and Inclusive Energy programme in Southern Africa include Development Reality Institute, Zimbabwe Women Resource Centre and Network and Media Institute of Southern Africa.

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