A message of solidarity: The crucial role of arts and culture in a time of global crisis

April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is confronting us with uncertainties, health risks, economic dangers
and dramatic social changes. While governments are imposing social isolation, the need for
connection has never been greater. Where the virus is keeping us inside our homes, art, music,
film, games, and literature take us out into the world, give us hope, and offer the opportunity to
reflect on our shared humanity and to express solidarity.

As three organisations active in the global cultural field, the DOEN Foundation, Hivos and the
Prince Claus Fund have come together to affirm our continuing support of artists and cultural
organisations particularly in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Arab region and the Caribbean.
Attention and resources are naturally focused on immediate health needs and economic
hardships, but the role of culture must not be undervalued. We all need inspiration to help us
work through difficult times and imagine a different future.

Together, the DOEN Foundation, Hivos and the Prince Claus Fund will continue to highlight the
crucial importance of art and culture. We will remain in close contact both with each other and
with our international partners, exchanging information and exploring how we can address this
ever-changing situation.

Culture must not be forgotten in the search for a pathway through this worldwide crisis.
Together, we stand firm with those who create, who believe in the transformative power of
culture, who advance new ideas and offer new perspectives.

The DOEN Foundation, Hivos, the Prince Claus Fund

Download pdf here: Covid-19-Message-of-Solidarity