A letter to my sister

April 16, 2020

By Samantha Nengomasha

“How are you feeling today?”

Optimism and pessimism are rapidly being interchanged continuously in development, an implication of Covid-19. Globalisation has once again teased the human capacity to adapt and evolve. We are preparing combat to maintain balance, an ironic form of balance seeing that no such thing as equilibrium exists, to ensure that the world as we know remains unchanged. At the same time, we are anticipating how to achieve our mission through this period of improbability. The Shona proverb would then say, “we do not hold back the club, because the baboon has covered its face”. 

We do not hold back 5 years of strategic partnerships, advocacy and lobby; 5 years of changing the narrative, improving living and working conditions for women, promoting female leadership, strengthening female participation, creating safe spaces, ending violence against women and girls, improving access to information and resources, emerging female representation in all walks of life;- gender-based regional initiatives to achieve justice!- because suddenly those in power realise that equality is our safety net, if mankind is going to survive the hands of time and deal of nature. Because finally without us saying it, they hear it! Perhaps it is the wrath of a superior being, not for religious violation, but to bring consolidation, showing that no sexual orientation, gender identity, economic or political advantage can divide humanism. To identify as one. Very diligent we must remain, for we have come so far!

I too cannot give a prophetic or scientific forecast of events. I cannot assume whether the pandemic will be remembered in history or history will cease to exist because of it. What I know is although the future may feel nearer and it looks like we come close to the horizon with every recorded infection or death, we are alive! We must engage our aspirations, goals and resolutions in attempt to savour today. Eventually days will continue into weeks, weeks months and so the years go on. In essence, we fear conflict and its many off-springs; war, natural disasters, technology, biological tools of modern warfare! and time and again we are reminded that evolution is the orbit of existence. A stumbling block today, is a stepping stone tomorrow. To be humanist is to have hope!

Ask gender specialists, they’ll tell you.


Take care

Your loving Sister