100 Days of Learning – final edition of Age of Wonderland

October 17, 2017

100 DAYS OF LEARNING is the 2017 programme – and final edition – of knowledge platform Age of Wonderland, a global learning programme initiated by Hivos and Baltan Laboratories in 2014.

This year, innovators, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world were invited to share stories and ideas gained from their own experience and practice in person, not through books or lectures. They met during 100 ‘Days of Learning’ sessions all over the world that are being held throughout 2017. Age of Wonderland believes that we need to embrace change on an individual level to inspire others to do the same, and in order to make the world a better place.


100 Days of Learning during World Design in Eindhoven

This final edition of Age of Wonderland takes place at the Dutch Design Week’s World Design Event from 21 to 29 October in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It will bring together all 100 Days in the living archive at Baltan Laboratories in Natlab. The cumulative knowledge and experiences will be shared with the public through ten daily talk shows. Furthermore, 25 Days of Learning (workshops, lectures and performances) will be held for the public.


Workshops and lectures: Prepare yourself for some serious flip-thinking!

From Earthworms, DIY time travel, to nomadic living, exploring eating clay and storytelling, the workshop and lecture programme of Age of Wonderland has never been more diverse. The common denominator is sharing personal knowledge by strengthening connections between people all over the world.

Are you in for some serious flip-thinking? Join one of the 25 ‘Days of Learning’ taking place at different venues in Eindhoven. Find one you like in the agenda and and register for free here.


Age of Wonderland – innovation through creativity

As a social innovator, Hivos believes that the key to tackle persistent global issues is to encourage the creation of new and creative solutions. Throughout this four-year programme, Baltan Laboratories, Dutch Design Week and Hivos have shared the same perspective: there is no innovation without creativity. Our aim is to help creative, intelligent, passionate and courageous persons to drive change through the development of their great ideas.

What is more, our ambition is to connect people from different cultures and sectors. Change starts with inspiring people. Thus, exchanging knowledge is the first step towards innovation. To this end, Age of Wonderland has brought together frontrunners from Africa, Latin America and Asia with their very own angle to approach a global issue.