AfriFOODlinks Tunis Coordinator

Region: MENA
Office: Tunis
Hours: 32hr per week – 4 days
Application deadline: November 15, 2022

Position is pending confirmation of funding

Hivos works for a world where people can realize their full potential, unleashing their ingenuity and creativity to build fair, just and life-sustaining societies for themselves and generations to come. Our mission is to amplify and connect voices that promote social and environmental justice and challenge power imbalances. We particularly empower marginalized rightsholders to raise their voice and demand freedom of choice. Our five strategies for change are: supporting frontrunners; forging multi-actor initiatives; influencing policies; moving the middle, and local ownership. The AfriFOODlinks project falls under Hivos’ climate justice impact area.


The four year EU-Funded AfriFOODlinks project works with 35 partners and 65 cities, focusing on five African ‘hub’ cities, of which Tunis is one. AfriFOODlinks will support learning and sharing of experiences among these cities.

AfriFOODlinks aims to create a conducive environment for improving food security and urban sustainability in African cities. It aims to do this by:

  1. Transforming urban food environments, and promoting public shifts to sustainable healthy diets;
  2. Promoting inclusive multi-actor governance to empower public officials, established and informal small businesses, communities, youth and women with ownership and agency to shape their food systems; and
  3. Accelerating innovative, women- and youth-led agri-food businesses to support local value addition and inclusive economic participation.

Hivos is responsible for the implementation of all activities in Tunis city. Hivos will do this with a strong local partner – still to be selected – and with guidance from other consortium partners, particularly those leading the different work packages (WPs).

The project work and research is managed through seven work packages. Hivos leads the work package on strengthening multi-stakeholder governance processes (shares best practices and tools, provides technical support). Hivos will collaborate closely with other work package leads on facilitating and integrating all activities in Tunis by project partners, including on circular agribusiness & innovation; improving food environments for urban consumers, schools and food retailers; and other research, knowledge validation, amplification, creation and uptake.

The AfriFoodLinks Tunis Coordinator (ATC) is responsible for the delivery of a program of activities and partner engagement within Tunis city, as well as close liaising with partners (co-applicants, affiliates, municipalities and other collaborators) in the four other hubs and 10 other learning cities across Africa. The ATC will be responsible for design and delivery of activities in Tunis, working with the WP leads, and with technical support and guidance from Hivos global food systems expert (based in The Hague), who will also be project manager, and also drawing on best practices from other consortia members across Africa.

This will require interest and expertise in urban food policy and governance, as well as in linking food to other issues, such as climate change, urban planning, and supply chain management. The coordinator will be important in creating suitable conditions for local governments to engage with private sector, civil society and academia in planning and delivering sustainable and resilient food systems.

The Tunis AfriFoodLinks team will also include a half time project officer and a half time finance officer. The ATC will manage the project officer and ensure high quality and timely outputs. The food systems expert in the global office will provide technical support and guidance to the ATC.


  • Networking: Establish and maintain good relationships with stakeholders in country (civil society, government, private sector, development partners and media) and with members of the AfriFOODLinks consortium.
  • Partner engagement: Identify and select partner(s) and consultants as required, in close collaboration with national AfriFOODLinks team; Ensure timely and high quality reporting of partners contracted by Hivos.
  • Capacity building: Identify training and other needs of national partner(s) to improve program delivery and enhanced local ownership. Ensure learning and best practices of multi-stakeholder platforms, in all AfriFOODLinks cities are well documented and shared across the consortium.
  • Research and Learning: coordinate research(ers), facilitate the gathering and use of data, adequate monitoring and drawing lessons and continuously improve in-country program to highest possible level of impact; Actively engage in program-wide learning activities.
  • Innovation: Ensure the program is constantly innovating, e.g. through building unusual partnership and cooperation between urban youth and local communities; or adoption of new ways of facilitating multi-stakeholder platforms.
  • Program & budget management and compliance: Review regularly & track the project progress against approved milestones and budget (in collaboration with relevant staff), and recommend corrective actions, flag issues and suggest mitigation measures as required; adhere to Hivos and donor procedures
  • Reporting: Gather technical and financial reports submitted by partners/consultants, assess them, and able to consolidate and write quality reports to donors, Hivos and other stakeholders.
  • Other: Support fundraising efforts for the MENA region; Represent Hivos – programmatically and operationally – vis-à-vis various stakeholders; serve as a key member of the Tunisia (and MENA) team, and provide support to the Tunisia set-up and operations as required.


This is a position for nationals or legal residents of Tunisia:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field, such as development studies, (urban) food system, agriculture, urban planning, or another relevant field.
  • Minimum of five years relevant working experience preferably in (food related) advocacy and influencing strategies.
  • Minimum five years of project management experience, including donor & program compliance, and budget management (with EU is an asset).
  • Solid knowledge of relation between climate change and daily needs of people such as food, energy and water.
  • Good understanding of (urban) food and agriculture issues – including the food system approach and food governance issues.
  • Good experience and understanding of multi-stakeholder platforms, and concepts of participation versus consultation, strengthening multi-stakeholder governance (preferably in an urban context).
  • Experience working in or with African cities, or similar contexts
  • Experience with locally shaped climate solutions and building joint climate actions is an advantage.
  • A keen understanding of country political and social dynamics; analytical and conceptual skills, and ability to translate these into relevant and timely actions.
  • Excellent networking, relationship building and negotiation skills;
  • High level of verbal and written fluency in English and Arabic are mandatory*, French is strong advantage.
  • Experience overseeing projects to ensure the effective design, implementation and increase ownership of rightholders.
  • Experience overseeing and using monitoring and evaluation plans and indicators
  • Experience with managing or delivering programs with EU funding required
  • Ability to lead small country team without daily support from hub management.
  • Work experience in the wider region or continent is a strong advantage
  • Level skills: cooperation, influence, leadership, collaboration, positive attitude, team player.
  • Job skills: communication, project management, enterprise, multitasker, flexibility.
  • Legally have the right to work in Tunisia (either as a national or already in possession of a work permit at the time of application deadline).

*Candidates are discouraged from applying if this requirement is not fulfilled.

What we offer

We offer a stimulating work environment in a professional international organization with very dedicated staff.  We offer a one-year national contract based on Hivos local labor conditions, with a remuneration commensurate with the experience and expertise. Contract renewable depending on performance.

How to apply

Please apply by 15 November 2022. You must submit both a letter of motivation/cover letter (maximum 2 pages) and resume/CV (maximum 3 pages) in English.

Candidates are highly encouraged to provide a clear track record in their CV and description in cover letter that matches the requirements of the position elaborated above.


Specific employment conditions for this vacancy

Until the conclusion of Hivos’ registration as a foreign NGO in Tunisia, this position will be hosted at Al Bawsala, a Tunisian non-profit association. A local contract will be offered to the employee under Al Bawsala and accordingly, employment conditions of Al Bawsala will apply for this vacancy. 

Upon the conclusion of Hivos’ registration in Tunis (and based on the employee’s performance) Hivos intends to transfer the employee’s local contract under Hivos’ umbrella where Hivos’ Tunis Office employment conditions will apply.