People’s Summit on Food: charting new choices for food

April 7, 2016

The municipality of Fort Portal, in partnership with Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC), IIED and Hivos, is organising the first People’s Summit on Food on 20 and 21 April 2016 in Fort Portal, Uganda. The People’s Summit will bring together politicians, street food vendors, farmers, nutrition experts and other actors from the local food system. Together, they will start a new journey of thinking and co-creating policies for the food and farming system of a region poised for growth. 

The region around Fort-Portal and Kabarole is known as a breadbasket for the greater East African region, but is food insecure. The projected rapid growth of Fort Portal could make matters worse. However, there are great opportunities for development of the town and its rural hinterland through a joined-up approach to food policy.

Now is the time to refocusand together shape plans for a green and inclusive transition of Fort Portal and its hinterland. According to the municipality that is proudly hosting the People’s Summit, this process gives the opportunity to develop Fort Portal into a city that builds on its economic growth to secure urban and rural food security, jobs and the long-term viability of the region’s agriculture. The process will be highly relevant as an example for other urbanising areas of Uganda and East Africa.

Food Change Lab

The summit will highlight evidence gathered by KRC, IIED and Hivos on the interplay between agriculture, economic development, growing urbanisation, nutrition and sustainable food choices. This research has been part of the Food Change Lab in Uganda. The Lab examines how citizens will be involved in their food systems of the future. A change lab-approach puts citizens at the centre of finding solutions to food challenges, by experimenting with interventions and by facilitating relationship building between key stakeholders. Over the course of 2015, the Food Change Lab hosted food vendors, villagers, farmers and local politicians to reflect and act on a range of issues in the region’s food system. The People’s Summit on Food is the result of this process, and will function as a stepping-stone to a new phase in the Lab. For more information about the Food Labs visit:

Sustainable Diets for All 

The summit also celebrates the kick-off of the Hivos and IIED Sustainable Diets for All programme. This programme is a 5-year strategic partnership with the Dutch government to transform the global food system and promote diets that are healthier and more diverse, respectful of ecosystems, culturally acceptable, and economically fair and affordable. Together with civil society organisations and other allies in Uganda, Zambia, Bolivia and Indonesia, and at international level, we will influence policies and practices of governments and private sector towards this transformation.

Find out more about the programme in the Sustainable Food factsheet you can download from the documents box in the right sidebar.

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