Invitation to participate in our SRHR campaigns and forums in Southern Africa

July 4, 2016

The recently launched SexRightsAfrica website, supported by Hivos Southern Africa, is a space where individuals and organisations can share information, organise collective action and advocate for improvements in the delivery of Sexual Rights and Health (SRH) services and protection of SRH rights for all citizens in the region. Organising or participating in virtual campaigns represents a cornerstone of the website, so we invite you to participate in one or more of our campaigns below. 

YOUTH FORUM: a space to engage on adolescent and youth SRH issues

The Youth Forum has been created in response to a growing need in the region to address adolescent and youth SRHR issues and concerns. A survey conducted prior to launching the Youth Forum identified Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services as the two top priorities.

We welcome you to engage in discussions around these issues, or other ideas and topics. You may submit a blog or short note sharing your views or key questions to stimulate discussion on a critical SRH issue you think requires action in the region We also encourage you to upload information, such as tools, reports, or case studies, and use social media as part of the virtual campaign.

CAMPAIGN: Promoting Safe Abortions in Southern Africa

Unsafe abortions are a key concern in the region causing high rates of mortality, morbidity and disability amongst girls and young women. Restrictive laws and policies are major contributors to unsafe abortion, together with barriers such as a lack of guidelines on conscientious objections, requirements for third-party approval and overall weak and overburdened health systems.

To capitalise on the January 2016 campaign to decriminalise abortion by the African Commission on Human Rights and People’s Rights, SexRightsAfrica is launching a virtual campaign to promote safe abortions in the region. We invite you to share documents, prepare a short note highlighting issues of interest or concern to you or simply follow the discussion and provide input as you see fit. We are also open to other creative ways to address the challenges with unsafe abortions in the region.

CAMPAIGN: raising awareness about the SDGS

On 25 September 2015, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change. Feedback from activists and civil society organizations suggests there is a general lack of awareness about the SDGs and their potential use as an advocacy tool to hold governments accountable to financial commitments aimed at alleviating poverty and reducing inequalities in the region – particularly for girls and women.  

SexRightsAfrica is therefore planning to launch an ongoing campaign aimed at sensitizing people in the region about the SDGs and their potential use as an advocacy tool, while also seeking to learn how to make the SDGs meaningful and reflective of the lives of people in the region. We invite you to participate by responding to surveys, uploading documents or leading discussions, e.g. on the inter-connectedness of the SRH SDGs to other SDGs.

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