Hivos East Africa unveils photography campaign: #InHerShoes

November 30, 2016

Creative photography usually has some mystery surrounding it. From the infusion of creative composition to media techniques, it does create an illusion of some sorts.

The mastery of this new form of art is what inspired Hivos East Africa to join the global 16 days of activism campaign through its photo series dubbed: #InHerShoes. These powerful images modeled by the hub’s own staff depict the real stories of women facing different forms of abuse in the region.

20 years ago, the UN general assembly made a declaration on the elimination of violence against women which provided a framework to end the pandemic. Unfortunately 20 years later, statistics from the UN indicate that one in three women still experience some form of violence either physically or sexually.

Most of these stories go untold and victims of abuse continue to be stigmatized in patriarchal cultures. Violence against women is not just through beatings but also includes: sexual violence through rape, emotional abuse, cyber violence and sexual harassment.

Speaking during the shoot, Armstrong Too, a documentary and film photographer from Nairobi was keen to share his interest as to why he partnered with Hivos East Africa in this campaign. ‘’I like to use my photography for social change because images speak powerfully. Once someone sees an image, it’s locked within their memory’’, he said.

For Hivos East Africa, the images will go a long way into sensitizing the public on the urgent need to do something about violence against women. ‘’It’s our own little way of saying, it’s not ok to harm a fellow human being,’’ said Nyambura Gathumbi, the Program Manager of Women’s Empowerment.

This campaign resonates with the hub’s women empowerment portfolio, which has a rich history of supporting women to organize themselves and disrupt the current societal regime that has been a barrier to women’s empowerment. We want women to achieve equal rights and opportunities to gain control of their lives in social, political and economic spheres.

Our flagship Women@Work Campaign has championed for sexual harassment policies in the work place which has been successfully adopted by flower farms in Kenya.

Join our campaign on Twitter and Facebook to Say NO! to violence against women using the hashtag #InHerShoes.

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