CONSULTANT WANTED: Social Media efficacy research – Zambia

March 25, 2020

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WE4L would like to gather information on the trends, possible case studies and projected future trends of social/online media in Zambia and its use by women who are aspiring for leadership or currently in leadership as well as how it’s used to support or derail them. The paper will also look at social/online media sentiment on women leaders and how it influences public perception of women in leadership positions in the five implementing countries. It will also be key to analyse social/online media versus traditional media to determine the added value of investing in social and online media to further the objectives of the programme.

The Objective of the Research is to determine the effectiveness of social media as a tool for opening up spaces for women leaders’ participation in leadership in public administration, politics, and quasi government in Zambia.

The Consultant will be expected to cover the following themes: access, use, experiences, influence and impact of social media with particular reference to the following:

  1. The role of social media uses in making or breaking women leaders’ careers
  2. The direct and indirect effects of social media use on women leaders career progression
  3. The impact of social media in promoting the 50/50 gender representation agenda
  4. The effectiveness of using social media as a tool for activism by women leaders
  5. The impact of online gender based violence (harassment, intimidation & abuse) on women leaders.

The Contractor for the provision of the service will be engaged upon agreeing on the specific activities and deliverables of the project which will include:


  1. Carrying out the in-country research based on the provided framework and methodology.
  2. Compiling a full Report for the country research including at least two case studies.
  3. Correctly citing any sources used in the Report

And provision of;


  1. A full country report on Social/online media and its effects on women’s full participation in leadership processes with at least two case study/story per country and relevant infographics or visuals.
  2. Annex of supporting documents (questionnaire responses)
  3. A 2-page summary of the report

 View the attached Tender dossier with full details HERE