Where: Cogite Coworking Space, Tunis, Tunisia
When: October 8 to 11, 2015
Hosted by: Hivos Mideast Creatives

‘Sustainable Diets’ is a Hivos-supported video channel presenting interesting short films about new ways of producing, distributing, cooking and consuming food. But not just any kind of food.

After nearly three years of open global consultations, the proposed sustainable development goals (SDGs) were adopted by UN member states at a special summit convened at the UN headquarters in New

In September 2015, the Sumba Expedition set off to Indonesia for a fourth time.

EXPO Milano takes place from May 1 to October 31. The EXPO serves as a platform to exchange and share solutions on the theme of food.

To help tackle the complex challenge of food security, the University of Leiden and the Dutch Foreign Ministry organised the Data4Food Challenge hackathon on 11 to 13 September.

Women’s groups from seven countries agree to work together and share expertise.

Can you imagine a group of hackers working at a public entity’s office?

The Green Startup Weekend held in August in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, looked to promote sustainable and responsible business projects in environmental management.

It is a cold and sunless Saturday morning in southern Zimbabwe.