"I have learned new things that will change my life even at this old age of 70, I will do things differently from now on," said Joel Mweeba, village elder, farmer and former educator.

Under the name SAFE (‘Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment’), a new platform for Latin America and the Caribbean will enable 150,000 regional smallholder farmers to benefit more from their

In the Runyararo West neighbourhood in Masvingo, a city in southern Zimbabwe, house flies buzz and zing as if possessed, madly landing on anythin

August 22 was the official launch of #VIHINFOgt, a hackathon that aims to use the data and tech revolution to open up information about the healthcare sector in Guatemala.

Dodging high heels, tight dresses and Prince Charming’s kiss are some of the objectives of the game "Girls vs.

Zimbabwe's sign language has several variations that inhibit communication among deaf people, according to a new study. The study titled: "Sign Language Variation," states that harmonisation of the

Honduras will host the meeting of LGBTI political leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held on the 2nd & 3rd of October in the city of Tegucigalpa.

Hivos welcomes the news that lawyer and journalist Mazen Darwish has finally been released after more than three years in prison.

Sixteen Zimbabwean creative practitioners followed a five-day training to increase the viability of their ideas and improve their individual sk

A proposal from Costa Rica and another from Nicaragua have won the “Ingeniosas” (Ingenious Women) contest, which rewards innovative women in the area of renewable energy in Latin America.